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Burkinabé Entertainment is seeking to bring the rich tradition of African music and culture to New York through the establishment of MAFRIKA Music Festival, an annual free outdoor festival featuring both traditional and modern African musicians and artists in the incomparable settings of Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem NYC. In 2007, Burkinabe will hold its second annual festival on Saturday, June 2, and Sunday, June 3.

With thousands of native-born Africans living throughout the five boroughs of New York, it is surprising that large cultural and educational events dedicated to the African diaspora are few and far between. The MAFRIKA Music Festival aims to fill this void by showcasing African music, dance and art (cuisine, sculpture, painting and literature) of diverse artistic sensibilities, chosen both from the mother continent and from the Diaspora in America, so that they may bring together members of New York City’s many diverse communities in a celebration of African culture. New York City is one of the great cultural capitals of the world, and a legendary crucible for the flourishing and refinement of all kinds of dispersed cultures. It was therefore the inescapable choice for the second edition of the MAFRIKA Music Festival.

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