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Burkinabé Entertainment is committed to the development and promotion of African Art & Culture in United States. Education is one way of reaching the youth – the children – through workshops and seminars that bring cooking classes, batik making, music lessons and dance recitals for the benefit of new generations. Put simply, the sons and daughters of New York’s African immigrants – an incredibly hardworking and industrious people – deserve to know more about their cultural roots. And just as importantly, those New Yorkers not of African descent should know more about their neighbors.
This company was born as an act of conscience among African artists interested in coordinating their activities with both public and private institutions, and the larger communities they serve. MAFRIKA Music Festival, a non-profit program of Burkinabé Entertainment, (fiscal sponsorship by Center for Democracy in Africa non-profit organization & Fractured Atlas - non-profit Art Service organization), presents performances of outstanding artistic quality. All events are free of charge to serve the diverse community of New York.
The Mafrika Music Festival is FREE of Charge.
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